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There are currently 80 different languages represented, however numerous languages have multiple translations. For example, the Portuguese translation has both Brazilian and European versions. Similarly, the Chinese translation is available in traditional and simplified Chinese.


There are also five adaptations, meaning that one of the 80 languages has been tweaked for a different region. Included in the five adaptions are American English, Spanish in two adaptations, Montenegrin (of Serbian), and Valencian (of Catalan).


There are two transliterations, which are translations in a different script. Serbian and English Braille are the two existing transliterations.

Download and print our translation checklist HERE!

Thank you to Sean, the founder and author of Potterglot, for the extensive time and research he has put into Harry Potter translations. Without his research, it would have been difficult to collect them all.


For more information about translations, translation news, and a detailed list of Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone translations, visit

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