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This is a rare opportunity to purchase the best of the best, the rarest of the rare, top (book)shelf Harry Potter books in one sale.

All sales are final. Payment may be made via PayPal family and friends (fee-free) or Venmo. Open to international buyers! Shipping is included worldwide with all purchases. Please click on the prices below or email to purchase. Please include the book(s) you are interested in in the title.

First come first served based on the email timestamp.

When a book is no longer available, "SOLD" will be

marked next to the price of the book. Prices are subject to change.

Please see photos and descriptions below.


Philosopher's Stone True First Printing Hardcover

The Holy Grail of Harry Potter books, one of 500 copies. The hardcover of Philosopher's Stone saw 300 copies sent to libraries with the remaining 200 sold in book shops. This is one of the books that were sold in a bookshop.

The original owner of this book was a teacher in Wisconsin and traveled to the UK with his wife in 1997 (when the book was released) to purchase English literature for his classroom library. The bookshop worker recommended this book, they purchased it, read it, and loved it. It was read by schoolchildren for many years before being retired and ultimately sold to The Potter Collector collection in 2016.

All first printing issue points are present including the misspelling of Philosopher's on the back cover, 1 wand listed twice on page 53, full number line, and Joanne Rowling listed.

The book is in Good condition. There is wear to the spine, corners, and the film missing on the front cover and part of the spine. The inside features a few stamps that say "Library of Joe Jacobs" as well as a library card slot on the back inside cover. The book binding is still tight, no restoration has been done. It is 100% original! Available alone or with true first printing, Fine condition copies of the remaining 6 books.

$85,000.00 (Philosopher's Stone)

$115,000.00 (Full Set)

Philosopher's Stone True Second Printing Hardcover

Available is an extremely scarce second-printing hardcover copy of Philosopher's Stone. The second printing was released very soon after the first printing with the first printing issue point errors fixed. There were an estimated 1,000 copies of the second issue released. It is thought that the first printing errors were discovered mid-printing which required a stop of that first printing run. The errors were then fixed and the second printing started.

This copy is in VG+ condition with minor shelf wear, the top and bottom of the spine lightly folded in, and some denting to the corners. There is no internal writing inside of the book. A gorgeous example!


Philosopher's Stone True Third Printing Hardcover

The third printing of Philosopher's Stone was the first Harry Potter book to be released with a dust jacket!

This phenomenal copy is in Fine condition. The binding is tight, the spine is beautiful with just a slight wrinkle on the bottom of the spine. The dust jacket is in Fine condition and a first issue with the missing commas and italic title names in the reviews. 


Philosopher's Stone True First Printing Paperback

The paperback first printing of Philosopher's Stone was released simultaneously with the first printing hardcover. There were a confirmed 5,150 paperback copies printed.

All first printing issue points are present including the misspelling of Philosopher's on the back cover, 1 wand listed twice on page 53, full number line, and Joanne Rowling listed.

It is extremely rare to find a copy in this Fine condition. There is no creas on the spine, the binding is tight, and appears to be UNREAD. The only condition items to note is light wrinkling on the bottom front of the spine and a very minor tear at the top of the book.



Prisoner of Azkaban Uncorrected Proof